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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Rain Dancing during AROW80 Check-in!

There is something about a Saturday that make a person want to goof off. It was a good day for goofing off, but I also managed to get a bunch of stuff done.  Today is a rainy day, which is a perfect day for getting caught up and writing. I have my drum, Irish, Bach, and fiddle music to keep me going. I have good feeling about this week.

 Something also to consider, when it is raining, sometimes to have to just drop what your doing and run outside for a quick dance in the rain. Today is clearly no exception. Before finishing this blog I had to run out and romp in the rain. and puddle hopped too.


Interrupted by a Rain Dance Break!

Goals achieved/started:
*Chapter 22 of "Sabriel". You know when I read this back around 2009, I liked it, it was different. Now, after a few years break I don;t just like it,  I love it. It's a unique spin on the fantasy realm versus real world motif. The characters are different. AND this....! (Sorry for the language, but I needed to bring up this point); I was surprised by the use of "Circumcised Penis" in the book to describe a character who was ensconced in wood. I mean, not disgusted, but you wouldn't see that in an American YA series. You might get a vague description of the anatomy of a male or female character, if at all, but not describing a young man's full features down to his genitals. I like it and it actually made sense to Sabriel's character. Cheers Australia for having the balls on this one! I guess there are more lenient standards about the use of genitalia in YA books in the land down under. HEHEHEH :-). Seriously am sorry if I let my punny nature show itself (okay, maybe not too sorry!).

*Been working on Tarzan stuffs this week; getting sponsor ads for the program, setting on TV appearances, writing press releases. Damn, being a Producer is tough! I know it would be, but in reality it feels so different. I have more to do today, emailing the poster printer and such. So the randomly rainy day (not really random, as I knew it was going to rain as some point), but it ruined the Tour de Putt Putt (going around to various mini golf courses during the day). It will have to wait until next week then (down side of the rain).

*Did a lot of housework yesterday and of course there's always more to do. But laundry and most of the dishes are caught up. Also, went for a walk on Saturday. Not a huge one, but stretched the legs and found some new old jeans at the Salvo.

*Wrote a poem after rehearsal on Thursday. It had been a few weeks since the last poem. What happens when you sit on a picnic table on an incline and the people on the other side stand up? See poem below:

Life in Slow-Mo (Or when picnic tables attack)

just sitting,
when the world decides to go top over bottom
and you are trying to keep from
turning into a pretzel
and you think you can fix all you troubles,
but in the end
you end up in a pile on the clover.

*Been keeping up with the journaling twice a week. But it's been a couple days since I visited any blogs. ~OOOOOO THUNDER~ Sorry, was distracted. Will be more focused and aim for 2 blogs visited per day, but not limited to just two. I might visit 5 per day if I feel inclined.

Things not yet/partially started:
*My re-write of the Apollo/Artemis myth. It was request by my friend, Todd. Been kicking around ideas and am planning on working on that today.

*Going to spend a bit of time looking at my Doctor Who WIP that I started back in Round 1.

*Need to submit more of my work. Since the last update of Round 2, I got another rejection letter. Oh well! Gotta keeping going. Gotta keep submitting. Gotta keep writing. Right?

There is something cleansing about the rain especially if you dance in it! Dear Readers, do you dance in the rain? Do you find rainstorms exciting or peaceful? What do you like to do during rainstorms? I am fond of reading or sometimes writing during a rainy day. I love to watch thunderstorms, with the spectacular light shows of lightening. Living is Dallas, I got to see some pretty stellar thunderstorm during the Spring, especially on the roof of the SkyTV building in Deep Ellum. Also, remember to visit the Blog Hop and check in on my fellow ROW80-ers.

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