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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

There is always time...

Something has occurred to me. When you think that your have had the wrong choices, that there is always time to make new and better choices. Part of this stem from reading James A. Owen, "Drawing Out the Dragons" and "The Barbizon Diaries", well much of it has, as they are truly amazing books, but this year has been about looking at your choices and choosing to make those better choices. I have made some truly DUMB choices, or mediocre choices that let to MAJOR regrets, but now I see that you can't let the past dictate how you live. I don't mean that one should forget the past, after all, "If you forget the past, you are doomed to repeat it..." Quite simple in logic, but not in practice. I am quite guilty of this, but lately I can't bring myself to follow that path anymore.

See, some time ago I realized that I wanted to write, not just part time, but I wanted to be a real writer. After a good many years of false starts and fake attempts, I started this blog, and I took my skill to heart. I started writing. I might not be at publishing level yet, but I am making the start. Not all of my choices are the best, but I am trying. This blog is a place to test some of this writing, as is my Facebook Writing page. I am learning to take risks! I am willing to put my work out there. Even after a number of years post college of not writing and wasting my time. It really wasn't wasted when I look back on it, I just wasn't ready.

Chevy Spark AKA the Uni-Pickle
This is a lot like a number of things that I have encountered lately, some even over the weekend. While visiting my dad for Memorial Day I got to ride in his new car. Not many people know this, or know my dad,  but he has been without a license for too long. He finally chose to re-apply for his permit and now as a new car (Chevy Spark) and will be completely licensed by mid to late June. Yes, there had been mistakes made prior to this, but my dad finally took his chance to make his life better. I am very proud of him!

Me and Sarah (my new hero)
This weekend I also got to have coffee with my friend Sarah from high school and who also has brain damage related to a car accident (alcohol related). She cannot remember the accident and was in a coma for about 3 months. she woke up to being in her hometown not where she was living at the time, and yet there she sat before me a strong woman and that has striven to beat the odds and reclaim her life (she has her license and can drive). After the standard questions that I asked, and I asked them honestly, to which she answered honestly; how could I not respect this woman. She told me that she just wanted to be treated normally, to work and live a normal life. I was determined to not stare at her one eye (I don't have a great way to describe it), which looked like a lazy eye. She looked good and sounded pretty good for someone with her type of injury. We talked about our husbands, how we each had gotten married, our hopes and aspirations. I suggested that she take up writing to help her deal with some of the emotions about her accident, even told her about my blog and how through the blog i could reach a wider audience and maybe she could reach out to others with brain injuries, maybe find a support system (not that she doesn't have a great local support system), but sometimes it helps to have like minded people to talk to. Note: If anyone knows about any online networks for those with brain injuries, please shoot me a message as I would loved to pass along the information to Sarah.

The biggest critic in your life will always be you. Don't let that critic win! Always know that you always have a second chance, a second day, and second try in this life to make better choices.

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