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Monday, October 2, 2017

OctPoWriMo Day 2 - We Write Because... (Haiku Humour)

When the words don't seem right, or maybe I am too angry; that is the time that I think I need poetry the most.

It's been a weird day between the world going to shit, and feeling very helpless, yet wanting to be productive. I ended up not very productive....and yet, I still ran after work.  Good thing! The pulsing adrenaline making me feel alive. Still not thrilled with my muse today, so I take my helpless feeling and use that to write...

I am trying something new, trying to write humour--within a poem.

 Poetic Form: Haiku (Extended)

Word Prompts: Write, Poetry, Muse, Inspire

Haiku Humour

Why do I try to
And don't even know reasons--
from pen to paper.

Give me writing prompts,
and maybe I write something
deep like a well, now...

That would be a play
on words, some humour you say
to throw a punchline.

Would you be able
to catch it after it is
thrown, a mean left hook.


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